The days of the Trucker CB are dying out in lieu of smart phones.  Many popular Bluetooth headsets don’t perform very well on the road.  They are often flimsy or pick up too much background noise to be usable.

Below are our picks for best best Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers.

VXI BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250-XT Bluetooth Wireless Headset

After testing many headsets, the biggest problem is not being able to hear others while driving a loud truck. This is the first headset that I’ve personally tested that hasn’t had that problem. The Roadwarrior gave us crystal clear audio on both sides of the line. Great battery life as well.

The only downside is the looks, I prefer an over the ear Bluetooth piece. However, it works so well that I was able to overlook that issue.  

This is a must have for truck drivers using Bluetooth headsets.  

Rating 4.5/5 –   Buy Now on Amazon (Free Shipping)

BLUE TIGER Elite Premium Bluetooth Headset

Blue Tiger makes electronics specifically for the transportation industry, so this headset was designed with the needs of Truckers in mind.

The noise cancelling feature on this headset is superb, I tested it on several calls and no one was able to tell I was driving while speaking to them.

To top it off, not only does it work well but it looks and feels great too.

Rating 4.5/5 – Buy Now on Amazon (Free Shipping)

Blue Parrot Xpress Bluetooth Headset

This headset packs a big punch in a small unit.

I prefer small over the ear headsets over large bulky ones, but have often been disappointed by the quality, especially while driving. Most are drowned out by loud background noise, however the Blue Parrot Xpressway does a great job of keeping calls loud and clear while in a noisy environment.

Battery life is great too requiring a charge every 10-12 hours or so of continuous use.

Rating 3.5/5 – Buy Now on Amazon (Free Shipping)