Truck driver of 22 years shares trucker “wish list” – a breakdown explaining how motorists can drive safely around semi trucks

“I’m convinced some folks just don’t know any better because nobody taught them," he wrote.

Naked suspect arrested for alleged attack on sleeping truck driver

Naked suspect arrested for alleged attack on sleeping truck driver
California police have arrested a man for allegedly entering a semi truck and beating the sleeping driver.

Truck driver “sick of waiting” arrested for dumping saltwater in hay field

"It probably won't be back in production for another year. . . depends on weather, rain," said the rancher of the fields damaged in the incident.

Virginia passes bills benefiting heavier semi trucks

The bills raise bridge weight limits and aids the government in collecting information about trucks up to 91,000 pounds.

Iowa man takes semi truck on a “wild and reckless” joyride through South Omaha

An Iowa man took a 2013 Peterbilt semi for a destructive spin through a Nebraska neighborhood, knocking down power poles, tearing up lawns, and significantly damaging the truck in the process. The incident occurred around 8:30 a.m. on June 15, 2018 near South Sixth and Pierce...

Man found smuggling 55 illegal immigrants previously charged in human trafficking case

He was found guilty in a previous human smuggling case and of several other drug charges.

Semi hauling traffic signs breaks in half, blocks traffic

None of the load was spilled and no one was hurt in the incident, but the road did suffer some damage.

Spilled fireball causes partial shutdown on I-40

A wreck between two semi trucks sparked a fire and spilled the whisky.

Trucker fired, denied unemployment for using racial slur to describe self and others

The judge disagreed with the ruling but was outvoted by the panel.

55 undocumented immigrants, minors found in good health inside tractor trailer

Five of them were injured while trying to escape the trailer after being discovered.

VIDEO: Trucker shares dash cam footage demonstrating “how pileups happen”

"Crap like this is how pileups happen," he explained.

Couple robbed at knife-point while inside semi truck

They stole cash, cell phones, and credit cards.

More than 250 truck parking spots added to Love’s Travel Stop network

The popular truck stop has opened two new locations and renovated a third in three separate states.

Woman seriously injured after piece of metal flies from tractor trailer, crashes through windshield

The woman was in a van behind the moving big rig and suffered a serious head injury.

Truck driver slows for stray dog in roadway causing three vehicle wreck

The dog is thought to be a stray that wandered into the road.

Government denies funding for semi truck travel corridor

The tractor trailer corridor was to be built as a way to connect several on ramps, off ramps, and a bridge, allowing for truckers to bypass a stoplight intersection.